Stack Monitoring does not show my added ES cluster


I have deployed an elastic-agent and included the elasticsearch integration.
The agent runs without Fleet, and data is filling the indexes.

The problem is that I so not see the cluster appear in my Stack Monitoring on Kibana...

Does anybody know what info Kibana needs to create the new cluster tile?

There are already clusters visible in Stack Monitoring...

Who can help?

KR Henk Stobbe

Where is your Monitoring Cluster running? On Elastic Cloud or on-premises?

Do you have a Platinum license? Kibana can only monitor multiple cluster when you have a Platinum license.


We have an on premise ECE environment, one instance is used as monitoring all clusters.
The cluster I like to add does not run within the ECE environment.

We have a Platinum license, the are already clusters visible.

KR Henk

Hi @stobbe

You are a commercial customer you should open a support ticket.

BTW If you have ECE license technically it is an Enterprise License (highest) subscription level.

Open a support ticket. :slight_smile:

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for your help, I have created a ticked. Will post the result here (-;

KR Henk

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