Starting elasticsearh.service gives : No such file or directory

Hi all,

My elasticsearch instance crashed all of a sudden and when I try to restart the elasticsearh.service it gives:
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status elasticsearh.service ● elasticsearh.service Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory) Active: inactive (dead)

Also the folder /etc/elasticsearch/ is empty. But when I try to start it from the location where I downloaded the elasticsearch (sh /elasticsearch-6.4.0/bin/elastisearch) it starts.

Now how do I get it as a service again without losing any data & configurations?

Output of starting the elasticsearch.service:


How did you install Elasticsearch? You mention the systemd service, which currently is only present in the rpm or deb packages, but you also referenced starting elasticsearch via its bin/elasticsearch script. There should definitely be configuration files under /etc/elasticsearch. Is this a production or test system? If the latter, at a glance, I would say try wiping all your installations and installing fresh with a single installation source. Otherwise, please provide some more info about your installation and setup.

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