Super slow dashboard

It takes many minutes to update data in Kibana dashboard. How can I know if it is kibana or elasticsearch that I need to upgrade?
Both have 2Gb ram and 2 zones

It depends on a lot of variables - the specific dashboard configuration, the amount of data in your Elasticsearch cluster, the hardware specs of the individual nodes, index configurations, ...

A good starting point is enabling monitoring on your cluster to gain insights in what's happening exactly: Monitor and Manage Elasticsearch | Elastic

2gb ram for Elasticsearch is definitely very little, but it might be enough depending on your volume. Monitoring should tell you more.

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Thanks. I forgot I have autoscale on elasticsearch, but I didn't understand it has Maximum set, intead of usual minimum! So my autoscale has not been of much use.
To be clear I use elastic cloud.
So not sure what I was supposed to see in the documentation link

uuh. so i need to open a new instance and send the monitor logs there? at least that is what the documentation says.

What is the output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API?

I just added more Ram (16Gb) and now it loads fairly ok. I probably need to double it still. But this method helps. Thank you for your advicing

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