Syntax for item URL to redirect to another dashboard

How can I edit the item URL to redirect onclick URL to the correct dashboard?
Currently, it is redirecting back to the default summary page of the host but I have a new dashboard for each host.
I would like to redirect to my configured dashboard after clicking the metric.

How can i edit the item url to achieve the result i want?

Hey @TsuWeiQuan,
If I understood correctly your request, you want to open a different dashboard on a different kibana host when clicking on each single the Top N bar.
If I'm correct you are currently looking for this:

If so you can specify the item URL as the following:

The key field is the field displayed on that visualization that correspond to your hosts.
The only drawback is that you can specify only one URL and one dashboard id for every kibana host.

Thank you for the reply mark.

I think you mis-understood my question. I would like to open a different dashboard on the same kibana host when clicking on each single hostname on the Top N Bar chart.


I was wondering if Kibana could do this?

Unfortunately this is not possible right now.
The moustache templating system doesn't allows you to do any switch or if with a statement like
if key == NUSSERVER than use this URL else render this other URL

The only way I think it could work is to use VEGA, that will allows you to control much better the visualization and handle clicks, but it has an initial learning curve

We are already working on including the possibility to drill down or switch between dashboards, but it can takes some time unfortunately.
In the meantime it will be great if you can create a feature request here

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Alright, thank you! I will look into VEGA :slight_smile:

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