System Metric showing failed in Kibana dashboard when we changing time period

Hi Team,

Can someone please help with this issue as sometime Kibana failed to show system metric in Dashboard when I'm changing the time period sometimes show data but again changing time period will fail.


It sounds like the search requests are failing, most likely because of timeouts caused by the request load of dashboards. If you look at the Network tab of your browser you can see what the exact cause of the failure is.

Your options include:

  • Look at a smaller time range
  • Split this into multiple dashboards
  • Increase the speed of Elasticsearch queries in general

Thanks for your response, smaller time range is working fine..
How can I split dashboard into multiple, Could you please suggest. and How I can Increase the speed of Elasticsearch queries in general?

Elasticsearch has documentation on tuning for search speed.

"Splitting" a dashboard is the wrong phrase. You can create new dashboards and add visualizations to them.

Thanks I will. One more question can we separate metricbeat system dashboard separate based on public ip address . Lets say we have 10 datacenter with different region & public ip and i want to keep them in separate dashboard as per the location.

You could try creating 10 dashboards with a unique set of filters for each one, or you could use one dashboard and have a set of inputs that let you switch between the different data centers.

Hi Wylie,

Thanks for it but I tried to separate it but I'm not able to create unique set of filters, Can you please guide more little bit over this..

You said that there are two unique things you want to filter by: region and public IP. If you can find these fields in your metricbeat data already, then you can create filters for them. To take a similar field, I could filter all my hosts by by creating an Input Controls visualization in Kibana and then adding it to my dashboard.

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