The CHEF cookbooks need help

The puppet modules are well maintained.
The CHEF cookbooks not so much.

The elasticsearch cookbook just got a rewrite which is fantastic. However the semi official logstash and kibana cookbooks have quite a few bugs and feel abandoned.

There are over a dozen pull requests, yet the author wont respond to github mentions or even direct emails.

Could elastic give the CHEF community some love? I'm willing to open more pull requests to improve the cookbooks if someone will just respond to them.

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yes agreed the chef cookbooks for elasticsearch are up to date:

however no love for logstash or kibana. Would really love if they supported the newest versions

I have logstash and kibana cookbooks deploying the latest versions (2.1.0 & 4.3.0) , but the cookbooks have some bugs. Need to get some of the merge requests accepted.

I can only see one PR from you that was opened yesterday? Are there others you can point us to that haven't been accepted?

However your overall point about it being out of date is taken, I have raised this internally as well.

These pull requests should all be ready to go

Logstash cookbook

And on the kibana cookbook

Ah ok, we don't control those so I can't help there sorry.

Sounds like there is a new maintainer (martinb3).

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The last comment in this thread appears to be well over a year old. Sadly, the problems still appear to remain. Cookbooks I have found are stale, and are certainly not valid for current releases. I found a Beats recipe, but it lacks many of the options available in 5.4 (such as Kafka) and the author seems to be AFK for months. Not blaming him, he at least gave me a starting point, but it seems that should maintain the deployment tools for their products so they stay in sync. 5.4 did great in synchronizing the executables, just take that last step and add deployment tools to the development and test cycle. Please?

+1 - seems beneficial to elastic from a business perspective