Time filter not applied correctly

Hi all,

The time filter in Kibana does not apply correctly to my data:

The index pattern contains the time field:

I'm using Kibana 6.3.1.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance,

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Looking into this issue.

HI Renato,

Did you change the time zone from the default?

Hi John,

No changes.

We are using AWS managed service.

Last week AWS released a new version and the problem got solved with version 6.4.

Renato Torres

Thanks for writing back.

Are you using Kibana set up from https://cloud.elastic.co/?

Which version?

Or are you using Kibana hosted directly by AWS? If it's Amazon's hosted version you would have to contact them directly for help.

Same for me:

on premise: kibana 6.6.2, ubuntu xenial.

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