Time filter not displaying

Hey guys, I'm an ELK Stack noob. My company is running it in 3 different environments. Versions: Kibana 4.1.1, Elasticsearch 1.7.1, Logstash 1.4.2. For whatever reason the Dev environment has stopped displaying in the time filter on the top right of the Discover section but the others are working just fine. When I do an inspect in Chrome I see the error below . Since all versions are the same across all 3 environments I'm stumped as to why its just happening in the one. Have done some comparisons on the setups in Dev vs QA and nothing is really jumping out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

TypeError: Cannot read property 'aggs' of undefined
at Object.fn (/index.js?_b=7489:144360)
at Scope.$digest (/index.js?_b=7489:21861)
at Scope.$apply (/index.js?_b=7489:22126)
at done (/index.js?_b=7489:17661)
at completeRequest (/index.js?_b=7489:17875)
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (/index.js?_b=7489:17814)(anonymous function) @ /index.js?_b=7489:19337
/index.js?_b=7489:45927 merge response segment

Kibana 4.1.1 is not compatible with Elasticsearch 0.90.12. Please see this support matrix.

Christian, thanks for your response. Looks like the version for Elasticsearch is actually 1.7.1. I was looking at an outdated file, my bad. This time I got it off the box itself.

Ned, it sounds like the index pattern you are using in discover doesn't have a configured time field. To double check:

  1. Find the name of the index pattern in use right underneath the query input (logstash-* in this screenshot):
  2. Open that index pattern in the settings tab, Settings > Indices > choose the index pattern in the left-hand column
  3. Find your time field and make sure that it has the little clock icon next to it

If that icon is not there you will need to recreate the index pattern, and this time choose the field you want to represent the time events occurred.

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Looks like you were right on Spalger! Thank you guys for your help.