Time from merge to Elastic release?

Dear all =)

Does anyone know the the typical time frame from when a feature is merged till it ends up in a release?

It is this particular one I am interested in =)

It got merged on the 22th of Januar 2021.

Sandra =)

Hi Sandra. "It depends".
A breaking change to an existing API will be delayed until the next major version.
A bug fix will also be backported to earlier versions for minor or bug fix releases.
Normally the Pull Request should include labels to flag which versions the change has been targeted for.
(Also this is the elasticsearch forum - best to ask specifics on a Kibana change in the Kibana forum).

Hope this helps.

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Adding that it will be part of 7.12 which is the next major version so you won't have to wait for version 8 :slight_smile:

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That was quick! =)

Do you know if that also includes the REST API can create/update/delete the new search alerts? =)

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