Timelion: Error: Expected: "$" @ character undefined

I have apache logs, loaded into Elasticsearch index, called access_log, via Filebeat and Logstash. I'm trying to use Timelion to show a chart with 2 metrics:

  • all user requests to my website
  • requests to the search API only

For that end I'm writing the following Timelion request:

.es(*), es(index="access_log", metric="sum:request")

However, this fails with this error message:

Timelion: Error: Expected: "$" @ character undefined More Info OK 166s

Just .es(*) works and draws something:

Kibana and Elasticsearch versions: 5.4.3
Server OS version: RedHat 6
Browser version: Chrome 58.0.3029.110
Browser OS version: MacOS Sierra 10.12.5
Original install method: downloaded archives, then run *java -jar .war with openJDK 1.8

What info shows up if you click on "More Info"?

Is there any correlating log message that appears in the Elasticsearch or Kibana logs?

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Hi, thanks for reply! They found the cause of my error on github (https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/12944#event-1170340572) - I was missing a dot before the second call of .es(). Cheers!

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