Timelion Not Honoring Kibana Filters

Since upgrading to 7.7.0, my timelion visualizations are not honoring Kibana filters. Has something changed with Timelion?

To give an example, here's a one hour time block comparing Timelion and TSVB:

.es(index=example*,kibana=true,timefield=edge.timestamp).color(blue).label(Total).legend(columns=3,timeFormat="M/DD/YYYY h:mm:ss A")

So far so good...

However, when i filter based on a field value:

It is possible an unfortunate regression bug made it's way into 7.7. Please feel to file an issue in the issue tracker of Kibana: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issue. I did a quick search on that page and couldn't find an existing issue about this.

Thank you!


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