Timelion visualizations don't stop flashing/pulsing

(Luís Ricardo da Costa Carvalho) #1


I'm having a issue with timeseries visualization. When creating a timeseries visualization with a query to a certain index and a division (e.g. .es(index="index-*", q="some_query1 && some_query2").divide(.es(index="index-*", q="some_query")).multiply(100).label("xxxxx").color(#00a300)), and peaking 1h interval, the visualization don't stop flashing/pulsing larger and smaller.

Is this a bug from kibana 5.1.1?


(Stacey Gammon) #2

Looks like you've already found the existing bug on this issue: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/8341

No fix yet but it's on our radar. I know this isn't a great solution, but it looks like someone had success tweaking the size of the window or visualization.

(Luís Ricardo da Costa Carvalho) #3

Thank you Stacey,

Tweaking the size of the visualization didn't solve it, only selecting a interval of 7 days stabilized the timeseries visualization.

I'll wait for good news,

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