Unable to fetch mapping - logstash


Dear All,

I have 'Unable to fetch mapping. Do you have indices matching the pattern?' error Kibana:

I tried to find a solution from the Internet, it seems that I don't have logstash.
So download the logstash and tried to run it.
However I have got this error:

Any ideas which part I am wrong?

Thank You.

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Let's take a step back. Why do you want to run Kibana? What data do you want to store there? Logstash may or may not be the best way to get you data into Elasticsearch.


Hi magnus,

I want to see what are the features on Kibana as my department is dealing with a lot of data.
In my case, I just want to load a simple excel file into Kibana, however I got the error.

(system) #4

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