Unable to Install Xpack on ElasticSearch and Kibana

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Hella EveryOne ,

I need help to install x-pack plugin.
When I try to install it on elasticSearch with the following command : bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack, that put me this :

I do not know if the installation went well but when I go into the plugin file in the directory elasticsearch there is nothing.

Please help. Thannnnks

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(David Pilato) #3

You don't have access to internet from the command line apparently.

(Samir) #4

Okay. no problem.

My PC is connected to internet.

I downloaded the x-pack file and also tried to install it directly with the following command :
elasticsearch-plugin install file:///
But that returns the following error : "error elasticsearch directory is missing in the plugin zip".

(David Pilato) #5

Where did you download the ZIP from and to?

Don't put the zip file in plugins dir but in any tmp dir you wish.

(Samir) #6

I downloaded it from this address : https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/kibana-plugins/x-pack/x-pack-5.3.0.zip.
I don't put him in the plugin directory. I left it in the download folder.

(Fardin Behboudi) #7

the syntax should be like this :
bin\elasticsearch-plugin install file:///C:\Users\zzfbehb\Downloads\x-pack-5.1.2.zip
if there was peoblem maybe you have typo
but as i remember for kibana you should use 2 // after file like this file:// (i used in 5.1 maybe it is resolved in 5.3)

(Samir) #8

Yes I have the same syntax but it doesn't work. They put me this :
Downloading file :///C:\Users....\Downloads\x-pack-5.3.0.zip
Error : "elasticsearch directory is missing in the plugin zip"

(David Pilato) #9

You downloaded the kibana version of the plugin.

artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/ kibana-plugins /x-pack/x-pack-5.3.0.zip

(Samir) #10

Yes indeed that was the problem. I managed to install it now thank you very much !!!

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