"undefined" in synthetics performance breakdown


I am currently playing around with the synthetics package and found that the performance breakdown shows always "undefined" as title. What is supposed to be shown there?

Obviously, when clicking on any of the "undefined" links I get the following error:

Error: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined
at getChunks (https://my-elastic-host:5601/39309/bundles/plugin/uptime/uptime.chunk.5.js:92:12104)

I am running Elastic Stack 7.12 using synthetics package version 1.0.0-beta.0 as announced here

I have a simple journey which looks like this:

import { journey, step } from '@elastic/synthetics';
import { notEqual } from 'assert';
journey("Test login enabled", ({page}) => {
    step("Open application", async () => {
      await page.goto('https://myhost.mycompany.com:8443/myapplication/');
    step("check login form exists", async () => {
      const input = await page.$('css=input#inputUname'); 
	  notEqual(input, null);

I should add that I am not using the docker image - I am running the synthetics package baremetal. Could this be the cause?

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@Wolfram_Haussig, the beta release of the Synthetic Agent you referred to, is for the upcoming 7.13 release. This release includes a change to using ECS fields for storing the result data, and so your current set up has a mismatched Synthetic Agent and Kibana version. Where you are seeing "undefined", this will show the URL of each request.

The alpha.10 release introduced this change, so you would have to go back to an earlier version (such as alpha.9) to see the URL. When the 7.13 stack release comes out, this will support the new data structure that the beta works with.

Hello @PaulB-Elastic ,

I am sorry - I must have mssunderstood Andrews post then.

For those using the inline flavor of synthetics, that uses the globally installed version of Elastic Synthetics, which is only upgraded on stack releases, so no changes are needed until 7.13.0.

I read into that that inline users should not upgrade to this version before 7.13 but as I am not using inline that I can upgrade now.

Sorry for the confusion.

Best regards

Very true it's giving Undefined and very confusing. inline functionality also we need to add in our scripting otherwise it's not working. @PaulB-Elastic do we have proper documentation available on how to use the beta version? @Andrew_Cholakian1

My apologies, there were some issues in my sticky post, I'll update it ASAP. @PaulB-Elastic is right.

The beta version of synthetics will only be compatible with the 7.13.0 version of Kibana, which is as-yet unreleased. Users should not upgrade to the beta version until that point.

You're probably wondering why we released the beta version now. Unfortunately we've had to to test internal BCs of the 7.13.0 release, which grab the latest synthetics library.

So, the quick fix is to downgrade your version of @elastic/synthetics to the latest alpha.

As a reminder, this is the last breaking change we're planning on for quite some time as we're transitioning from experimental -> beta in 7.13.. We won't fully rule them out until GA, but it would have to be a truly severe issue to justify one before then, and there's nothing like that on our radar at the moment.

The ECS field changes, for those curious, bring our field naming for synthetics in-line with the rest of the Elastic stack, and let you easily construct custom dashboards based on synthetic data, which you couldn't before this change. So, you'll be to query URLs, headers, other request response data without even using the Uptime UI if you so choose.

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