Error in EuiFlyout documentation

In the Flyout documentation, I get the following error when clicking on the Properties for the first flyout demo:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined at markup ( at at (<anonymous>) at GuideSection.renderPropsForComponent ( at at (<anonymous>) at GuideSection.renderProps ( at GuideSection.renderContent ( at GuideSection.render ( at finishClassComponent (

What browser are you on? I was able to open the flyout on Chrome and Firefox.

Looks like that error is happening here:

I am not seeing anything immediately obvious as to the issue. Is there anything specific about your environment that would help us reproduce?

Chrome v72.0.3626.121 on Windows 7.

But I also get an error on Chrome and Safari on iOS 12.1.4:

markup@ map@[native code] map@[native code] renderProps@ renderContent@ render@ finishClassComponent@ updateClassComponent@ performUnitOfWork@ workLoop@ renderRoot@ performWorkOnRoot@ performWork@ performSyncWork@ interactiveUpdates$1@ dispatchInteractiveEvent@ dispatchInteractiveEvent@[native code]

I’ve tried several Props table links in other Eui docs and they all open without error.

I’m a tech editor by trade and not a developer, so I don’t really know how to decipher this.

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