Update fields of logstash index on ElasticSearch

On ElasticSearch I have logstash index that are generated every day, I had changed the types of some of my fields, they had changed in the new indexes that was generated but not on the old index. Knowing that I can not delete my old indexs I want just the type of a field is changed on all existing indexs. I show you on the following picture: the default mapping by a former logstash index with the fields "TMP_REPONSE" to string while it needs to be long, which is the case on the new index.

default mapping of an old index logstash:

Thank you for showing me how I can solve this problem without removing the old indexs.

You have to reindex the old data. Details about how this can be done has been discussed here many times before, please check the archives.

I searched a lot, and I understood where does the problem but I do not know how I can re-index the old data on a default mapping
I want to be shown a little example on how to change the default mapping