Update index pattern in order to remove unused fields


I update my index-template mappings and removed some fields that i do not need. But, after this change, the index pattern still have the fields that were deleted. So:

  • How can i update the index pattern in order to remove those unwanted fields?

  • Indexes are rolled over each day. Maybe if i wait for the rollover the index pattern will update itself?

  • When i create a new index pattern, my dashboards become broken. If i have to create another index pattern, how can i do it so my dashboards won´t get broken?

Thanks in advance

You cannot remove unwanted fields in existed indices by updating the index template. When you update the index template, the new mapping is only applied for new indices.

In order to remove unwanted fields you have to create new indices with new mapping and reindex docs from old indices to new ones.

Your dashboards became broken because there are some fields are available in old indices but absence from new ones. You have to ensure that fields are used in dashboard must be available in all same pattern indices.

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