Upgrading to Kibana 4.2

What is the easiest way to upgrade to Kibana 4.2? Do I have to download the .tar file and reinstall Kibana completely?


Just replace the previous Kibana files and make sure you save your current configuration file. The easiest is probably to unpack the tarball in a new directory, copy the configuration file, delete the old Kibana directory and rename the new one to the old name.

That said, I haven't read the release notes myself. To avoid surprises make sure you've read it before upgrading.

You'll need ES 2.0 for this as well!


And when you go to ES 2.0, you'll need to upgrade to Logstash 2.0 as well or you won't be able to create new indexes.

Not correct, LS 1.5 will work with ES 2.0.