Usage of Lens in Dashboard


Im trying to use Lens visualization. I have two views as metric and bar chart as below

When I add this to dashboard, Im able to see only one of the two

So how to use other graph (bar chart). I dont see a way to change the view from dashboard itself. I need to edit visualization chnage this to bar chart and then save it as below

Similarly for time series graphs also, I have mutiple views like data table. But Im able to see only one of them in dashboard

Can I switch the view from dashboard itself, instead of going inside and changing the visualization?


In your first screenshot I can see one chart (metric one) with 2 suggestions: do you want to show all the visualizations in the suggestion list on your dashboard?

If that is the case, there's a simple thing you can do:

  • Clone the metric Lens visualization (in Edit mode click the cog icon on the top right of the panel, then "Clone")
  • Open the cloned visualization in Lens (still cog icon => Open in Lens)
  • click on the suggested chart on the suggestion list (the bar chart one)
  • now click "Save and return"

Means, I have to create 2 visualizations one for Metric Text, other for bar chart and add both separately to dashboard.

I guess same approach i need to follow for time series multiple views


With the cloning step you can speed up a bit the data configuration, but then a minimum editing for the final tweak (chart type or else) is required.

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