User session/ search query is not restored on re-login

I have recently upgraded Elastic stack (EFK) from 5.4.2 to 6.2.3 successfully.

In Kibana version 5.4.2, while querying for some data in Discover, if I was logged out and had to re-login, the previous query will still be requested and corresponding data was loaded.

However, post upgrade, if my session is closed and I have to re-login, my previous session and state is lost, i.e. I have to browse to Discover again from APM, select the index pattern and search for the data again.

There is absolutely nothing stored from previous session which gets annoying if I'm querying data over multiple fields on an index pattern.

I have already re-checked all the Kibana Advanced Settings and there are no discrepancies there, am I still missing anything here ? I would just like to restore the previous session/ request which was fired before I was kicked off and logged out.


Looks like this is a known issue. You can track updates here:

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Thank you @lukas :slight_smile:

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