Using Dashboard Control to Filter Data Views

I am attempting to make a dashboard control that has a list of data views (index patterns). Each of the associated indices contain a different category of computer assets by role. The end goal is that the dashboard user select a data view from the dashboard control, and the dashboard is filtered based on the IPs contained within that data view. Is this possible? For example, let's say the control has a drop-down that looks like this:

Developer Machines
HR Workstations
Manager Computers

...when the user selects 'HR Workstations' the entire Dashboard is filtered to show only the IPs listed in the hr-workstations data view (ip.address field).

Hi @Tim_Mobley

I do not think that would be possible yet in dashboard.
One possible solution would be to create N dashboards (in your case 4 dashboards) and link each other using a markdown panel.

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Thanks for the reply, Marco. Yes, I've already made linked dashboards w/ a markdown panel. The selections on these are things like 'DNS Events', 'IDS Alerts', etc. However, I need a way for users to easily filter a group of IPs with one click - without having to build an exponential number of dashboards. One idea I just had was - if this is not possible with the control feature - to make several filters with custom names. But I want these IP filters to be dynamic. When these inventory indices are updated, I don't want to have to manually update the dashboard filters.

So my new question is whether there is a way to make a Query DSL filter that will filter the IPs shown on the dashboard by the IPs in a given index?

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