Using --plugin-dir parameter when starting Kibana

I am developing plugins for Kibana 5.2.1 on Windows 10, and I have problems when starting Kibana with the --plugin-dir parameter.

I have the following directory structure:

  • KibanaAll
    • Kibana (this is the regular Kibana installation)
    • Plugins
      • MyPlugin1
      • MyPlugin2

To start Kibana with a single plugin, I go to the Kibana directory in a terminal (Windows PowerShell), and use the following command:

.\bin\kibana.bat --dev --plugin-path "../plugins/MyPlugin1"

This works fine, using the plugin-path parameter.

Note: I have some paths problems with npm start since it uses the linux script, so I use the bat script directly

Now, I want Kibana to use all my plugins, so I use the plugin-dir parameter with the following command

.\bin\kibana.bat --dev --plugin-dir "../plugins"

But then I get this error:

Error: Unmet requirement "elasticsearch" for plugin "MyPlugin1"

See the full error dump here. MyPlugin1 is indeed requiring elasticsearch, but I do not get this error when using plugin-path parameter.

Am I using the --plugin-dir parameter incorrectly? How can I make it work? Thanks in advance!


Would you mind sharing your plugin? I can see if I can reproduce it here on my Windows 10.


Thanks for your time Thomas. Here is the plugin. I stripped it down so that it's just a visualization showing "myplugin1". I verified that the bug still occurs with this stripped down version.

And just so you know, I have the bug without "MyPlugin2" being in the plugins directory.

thx @vincentforiter!

sorry for the little delay, I was OOO. I'm going to try this out soon ... plz stay tuned

Thanks Thomas, I'm looking forward to your response. I have some more informations that might help you solve this:

I have problems when running Kibana with two plugins, by using this command:

.\bin\kibana.bat --dev --plugin-path "../plugins/MyPlugin1" --plugin-path "../plugins/MyPlugin2"

Then I get this error:

server log [12:44:21.946] [error][status][ui settings] Status changed from uninitialized to red - UI Settings requires the elasticsearch plugin

The weird thing is: I have no problems running Kibana with only one of those plugins at a time; I only get this error when using both.

In this case, you can assume that MyPlugin2 is pretty much identical to MyPlugin1.

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