Variables in Canvas

Hi all,
we are creating Canvas for our customers. On the Canvas we show the status of the connections between our platform and the software our customers use. The general build in Canvas is succesfull. But now we try to figure out how to show on the Canvas specific customer information. For instance: customers use different software to connect to our platform; for a specific customer I would like to show the name of the software being used, but this is different for other customers. How can I create an element which shows a different name depending on who is logged in.
We do not want to create all different Canvasses for all our customers, because this is not managable.

I'm assuming the different customers are using different users to log into your Kibana instance?

If this is the case, you could create a dummy index with this meta information for each customer:

{ customer: A, platform: B }
{ customer: C, platform: D }

Each customer user has a role assigned that grants access to this index, but only for the documents matching their customer id (using document level security) - so customer A can only see the first document, customer B can only see the second document and so on.

In canvas, you can query this dummy index and it will return the only document found for the permissions of the current user - now it's possible to visualize it (and even use it to build other queries).

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