vis.API for visualization's legend?

Dear all,

is there any method/function to interact with the visualizations legends (the ones you find in pie, linechart etc.., you can filter upon).


Hello, are you trying to add a legend to your own viz or trying to use data from another visualization's legend?

indeed my note was quite vague. If you add in your custom visualization (createAngularVisualization in my case) configuration something like:

visConfig: {
  defaults: {
    addLegend: true,
    legendPosition: 'right',

the legend will magically show up :slight_smile:
however, i am looking for a method to populate or interact with it, as by default, "loading ..." is constantly displayed.

I suspect this does the business:

Any hint on how to integrate it into a custom visualization?

I guess there's no hope for this, correct? :frowning:

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