Visualize same graphs for different data

Hi all_

My documents looks like:

characteristic1: "something",
characteristic2: "something",
characteristic100: "something"
result: "something"

So I want to visualize how each characteristic (let's say we have 100) relates to result, for example drawing Bars and/or Pies aggregated by result and sub-aggregated by the characteristic, etc.

Do I need to reproduce each graph 100 times one for each characteristic or there is a better approach?

Thank you very much!


I don't believe you can create a graph like this in an automated way, but you could certainly plot each characteristic on the same graph by adding multiple "metrics" or "buckets" to a single graph, one for each characteristic.

Could you give more information on exactly the result you're looking for? For example, for a bar graph, what are you trying to use for the X and Y axis?


We have an algorithm that assigns a rating (A, B, C, ...) to a lead (in marketing terms). We want to visualize the distribution of ratings for each characteristic (Age, Gender, Town, O.S., Browser, Phone model, channel, etc).
For a bar, the Y axis would be the count of leads, and the X axis could be the rating aggregated by characteristic (or the characteristic aggregated by rating).

A pie could also be useful, for example
In this case, the inner data is the device (the characteristic) and the outer circle is the rating (result).

Thank you very much!

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