Wazuh-Kibana API is too slow and wrong protocol being used to connect to the Wazuh API (after few days)

Hello Community,

we have recently upgraded the ELK stack from 6.5.2 to 6.8.1 (Wazuh version 3.9.3) and everything seems working fine except Kibana-Wazuh API, it is extremely slow and some times getting wazuh not ready yet or wazuh did not respond. Also, I have two WAZUH API connections configured and it worked as of today (infact every couple of days I am getting "wrong protocol being used to connect to the Wazuh API", I have looked via browser access on port 55000 for my wazuh api and I am getting proper responses but don't know why kibana saying wrong port ) . I am keeping 90days of wazuh-alert index data locally

I have looked at Elasticsearch logs and I don't see any errors (apart from GC collection message but it is not at the same time as my wazuh dashboard access)

any help to find the issue will be really appreciate.

You might get a faster response if you ask the Wazuh community.

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