What is the role that enable user to download pdf report?

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I am using elastic cloud and gave reporting_user role to a user I just created. That user can download CSV report no problem.

But when I tried to download printable PDF from dashboard, I get error: max attempted reached(3).

Note that I can download PDF with my super user. So what is the exact permission that would enable other user to do that?


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Are you trying to download the PDF from within Dashboard or from within Management > Reporting? If the latter then it's possible the user doesn't have access to the data used to generate the report. According to the built-in-roles docs:


Grants the specific privileges required for users of X-Pack reporting other than those required to use Kibana. This role grants access to the reporting indices. Reporting users should also be assigned the kibana_user role and a role that grants them access to the data that will be used to generate reports with.

Let me know if this helps or if the problem is something else.


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