What is the role that enable user to download pdf report?

I am using elastic cloud and gave reporting_user role to a user I just created. That user can download CSV report no problem.

But when I tried to download printable PDF from dashboard, I get error: max attempted reached(3).

Note that I can download PDF with my super user. So what is the exact permission that would enable other user to do that?


Are you trying to download the PDF from within Dashboard or from within Management > Reporting? If the latter then it's possible the user doesn't have access to the data used to generate the report. According to the built-in-roles docs:


Grants the specific privileges required for users of X-Pack reporting other than those required to use Kibana. This role grants access to the reporting indices. Reporting users should also be assigned the kibana_user role and a role that grants them access to the data that will be used to generate reports with.

Let me know if this helps or if the problem is something else.


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