Where did the time picker in discover went?

Hi, I made a fresh install of kibana 8.4.3.

Where did the time picker went? Also in Discover panel I have plenty of usecases where I need to specify a time range.

Thanks a lot, Andreas

I noticed I had an error within my exported and imported dataview. The time field is not set.
Is there any way via GUI to update the TimeField to an existing DataView?

Hi @asp, it's good to hear you found the source of the issue. From within Discover, this is how you can edit your data view's time field: click the data view selector button -> click 'Manage this data view' -> click the 'Edit' button on the management screen. This will open an 'Edit data view' panel with a 'Timestamp field' input you can use to switch the time field.

Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the data view management screen from the main navigation menu: Management -> Stack Management -> Data Views.

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@Davis_McPhee Thanks for the replay.

I cannot see, that I am able to edit a data-view:

When I open the dataview and navigat to @timestamp:

Where can I define it as timestamp being used for the dataview?