Which visualisation type is best 2 layer histogram with time offset?


I want to create a time based histogram visualization which shows two lines. Some performance curves like processing time.

For that processing time I want to have two lines. One for the current time window and one with an offset which shows the graph for e.g. 1 week ago. So I can easily check if something changed.

And to be precise, in the end I need a dashboard with mutliple visualisations for comparing different graphs. And I want to be able to switch the offset for all visualizations within the dashboard at once.

Which is the best visualization type to do this?

In my old project I did it with timelion and wrapped it in an ugly java script page where I was able to set the offset. This javascript wrapper page was building the dashboard with multiple timelion visualizations, all url encoded. But that was Kibana 6.x, about 4 years ago. Hopefully there is now an easier way ,-)

Thanks, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Lens is the preferred way to create visualizations in the latest versions of Kibana. Lens can also apply an offset. Check out this example in the documentation.