Which visualisation type is best 2 layer histogram with time offset?


I want to create a time based histogram visualization which shows two lines. Some performance curves like processing time.

For that processing time I want to have two lines. One for the current time window and one with an offset which shows the graph for e.g. 1 week ago. So I can easily check if something changed.

And to be precise, in the end I need a dashboard with mutliple visualisations for comparing different graphs. And I want to be able to switch the offset for all visualizations within the dashboard at once.

Which is the best visualization type to do this?

In my old project I did it with timelion and wrapped it in an ugly java script page where I was able to set the offset. This javascript wrapper page was building the dashboard with multiple timelion visualizations, all url encoded. But that was Kibana 6.x, about 4 years ago. Hopefully there is now an easier way ,-)

Thanks, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Lens is the preferred way to create visualizations in the latest versions of Kibana. Lens can also apply an offset. Check out this example in the documentation.

thanks for the answer.

Let's say I have a dashboard with 3 lens visualizations. I want to change the offset on demand for all visualizations at once.
I noticed that I can change the offset by visualization via customize time range when viewing a dashboard:

But is there a way to change the time offset for all lens visualizations shown on the dashboard at once?

Thanks a lot

The time shift/offset declared in Lens is relative, so changing the time range in your dashboard will move also the shifts in each panel.

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