With a Basic license, is it possible to do GeoIP and use the SIEM?


With a Basic license, is it possible to do GeoIP and test the SIEM?

In the web page says YES to SIEM! But I
do not see the "lock" .

in Capture|251x500

Thank you

Hey Rosho,

If you expand the detailed features list you can see exactly what the differences are between OSS, Basic and our premium subscriptions:


and as you can see the Basic license includes GeoJSON upload, Geo aggregations and also the full 18 levels of zoom.

So that should provide all the needed functionality for trying out SIEM and Geo features.
What else are you looking for in your use case, and could you please specify what you mean with the missing lock here?

If you want to properly test the SIEM functionality, that is including machine learning, we have the 30 day trial available that offers all platinum functionality for a limited time test drive.


Hi @Janko

Does the Kibana 6.8.2 works with SIEM?

I tested the 30 days trial for machine learning. I still need to test the SIEM. But the trial has expired.

The "lock" is the icon of SIEM.

Doh! Yeah, the logo....

Well SIEM only became available as beta in 7.2 so you'd need at least that.
An option is to sign up for a trial on the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud if you have not done so yet.

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