Wrong format for duration in milliseconds

I have a property that represents duration in milliseconds (type Long), for example 1204172350 is 1,99 weeks (or 13,94 days). From Kibana index patterns I've configured my field with a format duration, input format: milliseconds and for output format I'm using Human-readable (precise).

The problem is that Kibana formats 1204172350ms into 2.86 weeks :exploding_head:
Even in the samples table there is an input 923528271 and output 2.43 w when 923528271 ms is 1,53 weeks.

Could someone explain me how this works ?

Hi @desna,

Yes, looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting!
Created a Github issue [Discover] Wrong formatting for duration in milliseconds with human-readable precise format · Issue #169351 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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