X-Pack Alerting

(MJay) #1

In a multi node elastic cluster which node (master, hot and warm data nodes, client nodes) the following mail configuration needs to be entered for X-Pack alerting.

profile: gmail
auth: true
starttls.enable: true
host: smtp.gmail.com
port: 587

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @mruthyu,

what is your question regarding the mentioned alerting configuration?

(MJay) #3

Whether the above mentioned email account configuration needs to be entered (elasticsearch.yml) on all nodes or only in the master nodes is fine where the watcher runs.

(Alexander Reelsen) #4

For the sake of consistency you should put it on all nodes. You have to put it on all nodes that can potentially become master node. Also, from 6.0 onwards the location where watches will be executed will change, so that it makes sense to put this config everywhere just to be future proof.

If you dont want to store this in configuration files, you can also use the cluster update settings API to store the configuration settings. No need for a restart.

(MJay) #5

Great. Thank you. Where the persistent type of cluster updates are stored? Whether it will survive the node restart.
Also when is the tentative date of BELK 6.0 release.

(Felix Stürmer) #6

AFAIK the settings become part of the cluster state.

(Alexander Reelsen) #7

Felix is right. The persistent updates are written to disk together with the cluster state. This is also the reason why those updates survive full cluster restarts, where as the transient updates do not.

There are no concrete release dates for the Elastic Stack 6.0. Even though we are nearing GA, it will take a few more months until the GA version will be out (and one or more release candidates in between). Nothing more concrete though.

(MJay) #8

Thank you.

(MJay) #9

Let me know if the following is fine for persistent settings.

PUT /_cluster/settings
"persistent" : {
"xpack.notification.email.account.standard_account.profile" : "standard",
"xpack.notification.email.account.standard_account.email_defaults.from" : "XXXXX@EMAIL.COM",
"xpack.notification.email.account.standard_account.smtp.auth" : "false",
"xpack.notification.email.account.standard_account.smtp.starttls.enable" : "false",
"xpack.notification.email.account.standard_account.smtp.host" : "",
"xpack.notification.email.account.standard_account.smtp.port" : "50"


(Alexander Reelsen) #10

you should see a logging line starting like this in your master node

[2017-09-08T11:08:48,979][INFO ][o.e.c.s.ClusterSettings  ] [YtxeOyz] updating [xpack.notification.email.]

you can just check if GET /_cluster/settings for your settings.


(system) #11

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