X-pack and Kibana

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A simple question i could not see a clear cut answer.

From my understanding, when i download ES or Kibana today, it come with the X-Pack plugin already built in, and i have a 30 day free license as it says here link

My question is - does the kibana features i see on my kibana server ( Visualize, Graph, monitoring, etc) are included in the free (Basic) version?
Because from the link i sent you can see those features are only available from gold Subscription...
but on the other hand those features appear under "Security (formerly Shield)" tab, and not the kibana itself, which i get for free. (maybe those features are visible only because i have the x-pack installed by default?)

Long Story short, my interest is in 2 features, 1 is reports and visualisation the 2nd is the alert watcher.
will i have to buy the gold subscription of the X-Pack to use them in production? or theres a more basic version of these features built in the kibana i can use for free?

Thanks! and have a nice day!

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If you download deb/rpm/zip/tgz it does not come installed.

No, per the link it only include Monitoring.


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