X-Pack Error generating PDF report

I get the following error where trying to generate report.

I'm on Kibana and ES 5.1.2 with X-Pack Trial


Hmmm that's a new one to me. I wonder if PhantomJS isn't started for some reason. Have you tried restarting Kibana? Do you have any sort of firewall rules that might block the port on localhost listed in the error?

I restarted Kibana and the problem persists. I cannot firewall as everything is on the same machine

Is localhost not in your hosts file perhaps?

@Brandon_Kobel do you have any other ideas or good diagnostic questions?

@lmalossi if you watch your list of running processes, and generate a report, do you see one named 'phantomjs'?

No, I don't see anything with that name

@lmalossi which OS is Kibana running on, and how did you install Kibana (rpm/deb/tar/zip)?

Have you made any modifications to the configuration in your kibana.yml?

kibana is on SLES 12 installed with RPM

apart from making kibana listen on a specific IP address none

@lmalossi would you mind executing nslookup localhost from the server and pasting your response here?

nslookup localhost doesn't work because localhost is not registered in DNS. Nslookup queries the dns.

@lmalossi then let's ping localhost to make sure that it's resolving to

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