X-pack Reporting

Hi ,
i'm getting the following errors while generating PDF report while csv is working fine ..
HeadlessError: Request() error evaluating evaluate() call: Error: socket hang up
HeadlessError: Phantom Process died.
Please , help me out ...........!
Versions--- E-L-K all are 6.1.3
E-L-K all are running in local (Windows)
CPU: Not More than 15%
Memory :Not More than 60%

Please post the entire error, make sure you use the </> button to make sure it's correctly formatted as well :slight_smile:

Hi warkolm ,
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: i'm seeing the below error in kibana uI -

There was an error generating your report for the "Dashboard" dashboard: HeadlessError: Phantom Process died

some errors:


Can you check the Kibana logs as well?

HeadlessError: Request() error evaluating renderBase64() call: Error: socket hang up this is one of the error in front end kibana and in logs from kibana/elasticsearch there are no errors

Please don't post pictures of text based logs, they are difficult to read and some people may not be even able to see them :slight_smile:

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