X-pack Expire

i have a 3 nodes cluster in this i upgrade the version of ELK 5.5.2 to 5.6.3 and i have licence of x-pack that i was used in ELK 5.5.2 version now i remove the x-pack from the ELK and reinstall it and its giving me 30 days free trial so my question is now can i use that old licence that i was used in my ELK 5.5.2 and now i want to use that old licence in ELK 5.6.3 because of licence validity is 1 year so can i used if i used in this 5.6.3 then it will be count or not because i have 5 licence in that already 1 used in 5.5.2 so if i used in 5.6.3 then it counts old 1 or its count new licence.

Thanks in advance.
Krunal Kalaria

If this is an upgraded version of the same cluster you can reuse the license.

Thank you so much @warkolm for your guideline.

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