X-Pack Trail license

(Venkatesh) #1

I have upgraded to ELK 5 .

Sorry - was posted without finishing write up.

I have installed ELK 5.0 and XPack. However I couldn't find the trail license (30 days evaluation) for XPack and hence couldn't even try the Reporting, Security..etc.

Please suggest how can I use the XPack trail.


(Mark Walkom) #2

It's not clear what you are after here, can you rephrase.

(Venkatesh) #3

It seems the X-Pack trail license is not working as I had already installed Shield previously whose trail license is already expired.

Kindly suggest how can I remove the Shield license and continue with X-Pack trail license.

(Jay Modi) #4

If I understand correctly, the trial license for our commercial products in your cluster running 2.x expired and you have upgraded this cluster to 5.0 and want to try out x-pack, is that correct? If so, please contact info@elastic.co with your information and request for a trial license extension to try out x-pack.

(system) #5

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