X-Pack on the monitoring cluster


I have a "prod" cluster, a "monitoring" cluster and a "kibana" cluster. According to the documentation, we don't really need to install x-pack on the monitoring cluster: While installing X-Pack on the monitoring cluster is not absolutely required, it is strongly recommended.

My problem is that if I don't install the x-pack on the monitoring cluster, kibana complains about missing license and will not show the monitoring data. Is the note in the documentation incorrect or I'm not configuring something correctly. With x-pack installed on monitoring everything works fine..


Hi Zsolt,

Unfortunately, that problem was due to a bug. The fix for that bug will be released in 6.1. There will still be a warning log if X-Pack is not installed on the monitoring cluster, and the warning message will describe the issue that scenario will cause: it will mean that the Cluster Alerts feature is not available, since Cluster Alerts leverages X-Pack Alerting and the alerts are installed onto the monitoring cluster. If the Monitoring cluster doesn't have X-Pack, or doesn't have higher than a X-Pack Basic license, X-Pack alerting isn't available and Cluster Alerts won't work.

Does this just mean you don't see monitoring data for the monitoring cluster? Do you see the monitoring data for the prod cluster? If you don't see any data at all, there is a completely different problem going on - perhaps the prod monitoring exporters are not set up properly. Check the logs of the prod nodes to see if there are any issues with the monitoring exporters.

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