Xpack security(formerly SHIELD) module source code

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Looks like elastic open sourced xpack last month through this announcement, I search for xpack - security(SHIELD) in the elastic public github repo, however I couldn't find the sourcecode.

Can someone help me to find Xpack security module( formerly SHIELD) source code, if it's available in some public repository ?


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2.X (which is where Shield falls) reached EOL earlier this year.
That's not to say we aren't going to open the code - and I have asked internally to follow that up - but you should definitely consider upgrading :slight_smile:

Not open source, open code.

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The opening of X-Pack applies to code for version 6.3 and beyond of the Elastic Stack.

We won't be releasing older versions.

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As @warkolm has said, "Shield" refers to a product for 2.x of Elasticsearch (and equivalent Kibana versions)

If you're looking for the current versions of X-Pack security, they're in the same repositories as the product they integrate with.
For Elasticsearch, you can look here:

There's also X-Pack security code in the Kibana repository.

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Along with the rest of the X-Pack features, the code for X-Pack is made available starting with 6.3 under the Elastic License, the full text of which is available along-side the code in the file licenses/ELASTIC-LICENSE.txt of the appropriate branch.

The code for the X-Pack security module lives in the x-pack folder of the Elasticsearch code-base:

  • master branch, which targets the next major; OR
  • 6.x branch, which tracks the next minor within the 6.x series; OR
  • 6.3 branch, which tracks the pending 6.3 release and future patches within the 6.3.x series.

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Thank you @yaauie

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Thank you @TimV

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