_type in the Kibana has warning message

I got two warning message.

Doc values are not enabled on this field. this may lead to excess heap consumption when visualizing.
this field is not indexed and might not be usable in visualization.

What does this message mean? How to solve?

Hi @Suin_You,

the first part of this message refers to the fact that Elasticsearch uses a specific data representation for some types of fields that enable aggregation and sorting in an efficient way. For aggregation and sort operations on fields that don't have this efficient on-disk representation Elasticsearch tries to emulate this in memory, which can be quite inefficient. The documentation on doc_values goes into a bit more detail.

The second part of the message indicates that Kibana could not reliably determine whether the _type field can be aggregated. An improvement to that will probably ship in one of the next versions, please refer to the GitHub issue #5684 for details.

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