Bar Chart X-Axis Text Alignment


How do i set the text alignment on the X-Axis to vertical ? This bar chart created using Date Histogram where minimum interval = Day.

I further aggregate the data using Split series and my Sub aggregation type is 'Filters'.

I tried to set the Align value under Metrics & axes but it will show all the labels and Filter labels which i do not want it to show. If i disable the 'Show labels' and 'Filter labels' option, it would not allow me to set the Align value.

Are you sure you are using a split-series ? because from what I can see, seems that you are using split-charts that usually add a sub-header for each chart created.
Could you please post the full configuration?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes. I am using split-chart as the first layer so that i can compare the data side by side for two different filters results by day. I sub aggregate using Split series and by filter to further aggregate data into two categories, which is Classic PMO and New PMO.


Hi I think you can solve it in a slightly different way:

  • you can add an X axis bucket using a Date Histogram aggregation with min interval Day
  • then you can add a split series with your filters.

If stacked they appear stacked you can change then and put each filter bar side by side. This will allows you to show your Logins status per day and you can also rotate the axis label if required.

Your used method instead create a small multiples of charts one per day, this unfortunately doesn't have the option to rotate he small multiple tile axis title

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