Best browser for Kibana 7.16

Hello everyone,

Which browser is best compatible with Kibana 7.16 ?

I know that Internet explorer is old now and should use latest browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. But is there any explanation about that in Elastic stack documentation? I am looking for a Justification.

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance !
Akhil Patel

Hi Akhil

Here is the support matrix of browsers which Kibana supports.

Best compatible browser for 7.16.x is : Firefox, Chrome , Safari and Edge Chromium.

Kibana uses a Content Security Policy (CSP) to prevent the browser from allowing unsafe scripting, but older browsers will silently ignore this policy . This will block access to Kibana for any browser that does not enforce even a rudimentary set of CSP protections.
Its explained here in the documentation:

Hope this helps


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Yes, this helps. Thank you Rashmi!

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