Bug? Logstash Ouput & Initial Fleet Setup

Fleet 8.3.2, fresh install.

I have a Fleet Server Policy that uses a Logstash ouput:

From the guided install/generated CLI text, it appears that it does not take into account the Logstash output as it sets the --fleet-server-es= to the Logstash output - which does not work with the generated ES token.

Or maybe I'm missing something? How is Fleet Server supposed to connect? Can it use the Logstash output or does it need to connect directly to ES via the token?

Hi @DefensiveDepth

Yes it seems a bug Fleet server es should be the address of ES here, I am going to open a bug on our side (bug created here: [Fleet] Instruction to setup Fleet server are not correct with a logstash default output · Issue #137304 · elastic/kibana · GitHub), in the mean time if you replace this address by your ES host it should unlock you.

Thanks for reporting this

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