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Trying out Visualization for BI charts

  1. This was a target chart

after some trial and error this is what we got, how do we color different years

  1. There are other issues. How do you drill down from year to quarter to month and so on

  2. Is there a straight way to display a table with no aggregation? Raw data in tabular format?

Wish there were a few examples of Kibana for Business Analytics!

This previous post has a solution for producing different colors for bars in a chart (answer 4): Applying different colors to different bars in a vertical bar chart visualization

for #2, not exactly sure what you are asking. If you want to be able to click on elements of your chart to drill down, that is not supported by the built in visualizations. You could just build separate visualizations and bucket them by month, day, etc.

for #3, you can just view a saved search in your dashboard (Kibana 5 displaying raw data)

Thanks Bill
#1 - Worked !
#2 - Sad
#3 - Still unable to display data as a table instead of json. Check below and help. Maybe its just a click away.

Data Table visualization is meant for aggregations, don't think you can make it just display the data you have unfortunately. There may be a plugin you could find that would do this.

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