Chinese title in pdf not show



hello,in kibana,i give the visual a title which contains chinese,after generate the pdf,the chinese in pdf disappered.

visual in kibana

visual in pdf

i guess there is a character problem,but i can't solve it, thanks in advance!

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Sorry nobody saw this for so long. Reporting is now part of the X-Pack bundle and most people are only looking at the X-Pack forum.

I think your problem of not getting the visualization title in the PDF report is caused by missing fonts on the Kibana server.

On a headless Ubuntu server we used to install some fonts like this;
apt-get -qq install -y libfontconfig libfreetype6

And on CentOS/Redhat like this;
yum install -y fontconfig freetype

I think these are included with the X-Pack install now, but you may need some steps like this for your chinese fonts?


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