Font setting in x-pack reporting?

Hi I am searching a way to generate pdf report including Japanese language.

When I try to download dashboard including Japanese character like below,

Japanese character is gone in the report.

Is there a way in x-pack reporting module which you can set language code?

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I have an update with this issue. I have downloaded japanese font and then regenerated the pdf file.

I have installed Japanese fonts in the kibana machine as below.

yum install ipa-gothic-fonts.noarch

[root@filebeat xxx]# fc-list
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0611bt_.pfb: Courier 10 Pitch:style=Bold Italic
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/UTBI____.pfa: Utopia:style=Bold Italic
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0419bt_.pfb: Courier 10 Pitch:style=Regular
/usr/share/fonts/ipa-gothic/ipag.ttf: IPAGothic,IPAゴシック:style=Regular
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0648bt_.pfb: Bitstream Charter:style=Regular
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/cursor.pfa: Cursor:style=Regular
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/UTB_____.pfa: Utopia:style=Bold
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0583bt_.pfb: Courier 10 Pitch:style=Bold
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/UTI_____.pfa: Utopia:style=Italic
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0582bt_.pfb: Courier 10 Pitch:style=Italic
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0633bt_.pfb: Bitstream Charter:style=Bold Italic
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0649bt_.pfb: Bitstream Charter:style=Italic
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/c0632bt_.pfb: Bitstream Charter:style=Bold
/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1/UTRG____.pfa: Utopia:style=Regular

Looks like the characters inside the visualization objects appeared correctly but the object name is still broken. In the below image vis-object-name is リンゴ but nothing is shown.

I appreciate if the font setting in the reporting module become configurable.

Hi Yu.

Report plugin includes pdfmake ( ). It embeded ttf files into pdf file itself.

TTF is Roboto only at off-the-shelf environment and you cannot change. Roboto doesn't include CJK charactor. So it result that you can see only single-byte charactor in pdf.

You can change fonts modifing /usr/share/kibana/plugins/x-pack/plugins/reporting/server/lib/pdf.js .

    const fonts = {
  Roboto: {
    normal: fontPath('Roboto-Regular.ttf'),
    bold: fontPath('Roboto-Medium.ttf'),
    italics: fontPath('Roboto-Italic.ttf'),
    bolditalics: fontPath('Roboto-Italic.ttf'),
defaultStyle: {
  fontSize: 12,
  font: 'Roboto',

Then replace ttf files under /usr/share/kibana/plugins/x-pack/plugins/reporting/server/assets/fonts .

But I seems that multi-byte character isn't correctly rendered. You need more help from someone, I think...



I've succeed with IPA P gothic.
Configuration is same as above.


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I appreciate if custom font setting will be available in kibana.yml in future releases.

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