Collection of logs

Hi Team,

We are moving to containers and getting whole logs out of container is bit hectic.

Kibana is proving helpful by displaying the logs from last n hours.

So as of now I can see that Kibana can only display the logs and we can apply filters on it.

Is there a way we can dump the logs from Kibana to the text file (say for example all logs from last 12 hours).

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Asif Bhat

What are you wanting to achieve with this?

Sometimes we need to provide the logs to the vendors / Service Providers for further analysis (for analyzing performance issues or intermittent issues).

We can't give them access to kibana.

So was thinking of options to get those dumped in the text file.

You can export to CSV with, it's part of the free Basic license.

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