Dashboard reports look nothing like the dashboard

First time messing with x-pack. My dashboard uses the Dark them and currently has a filter in the search. The PDF shows two large graphs, white, with no filter. Is there a way to WYSIWYG with the reporting? Thank you.

Hi @DigiAngel,

Preserving the dark theme in the report is a known issue we're working on. It should be available in a future release.

As for the filter issue, I just tried to reproduce this but couldn't. When I added a filter to my dashboard, I was unable to generate a report until I saved the dashboard again. Once I did that, I was able to generate a report and the filter was applied in it. Could you perhaps describe the exact steps to recreate the issue you are seeing?



Oh yea.....I'm almost positive I didn't save the dashboard before printing..that totally makes sense. The last bit was the size of the charts...I have two long skinny charts, but when I generated the report both where just large boxes, not rectangles. I'll get some screen captures and post this week...thanks Shaunak!

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