Different data in exported pdf report (Bug?)

I made a dashboard with several visualizations which i then exported to a pdf file.

For most visualizations this worked fine (Same data in export as visible on the dash), but the "search" (just a table of results) has "forgotten" it's query and just shows all documents, regardless of if they match the query. I queried for documents containing the word "samsung" but in the PDF i see all documents...

Anyone else has encountered this issue? I think it's a bug, but it's also possible i messed up ..

Hi Eike,

Did you save the query of "samsung"? The PDF report uses the saved search, so if you had the initial "*" and saved that, and then changed the query to "samsung" and didn't save it, then clicking the PDF report button would include everything.

If that's not the case, please reply back and describe your steps. It could be a bug.


Lee's right, you should definitely see in the report what you see in Dashboard.

If the documents on the dashboard are not filtered, then they won't be filtered in the report either.

Screenshots of the search panel in the dashboard and the report would be helpful.